Immunizations for Special Populations

Religious Exemption

Students who have religious objections to immunizations and students whose physicians have certified that they cannot be immunized because of medical reasons may be exempted from providing proof of immunization. In the event of a disease outbreak, these students may be excluded from any institution or facility of the University System of Georgia until such time as they present valid evidence that they are immunized against the disease or have had the disease and recovered, or the epidemic or threat no longer constitutes a significant public health danger.  Additionally, if claiming religious exemption, students cannot receive travel vaccines from the KSU Health Clinic.

Satisfied at Previous Institution

If the student has satisfied the immunization requirements at a former institution, the official copy of the transcript may be used to provide the student’s immunization record.

Military Students (not the dependent)

Military students may submit their DD214 to fulfill the requirements.

Green Card Holders

Green Card holders may use their green card as proof of immunizations. If the date is over 10 years, student is required to have:

  • Updated Tetanus TDAP and
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox)

International Students

International students are required to complete the Immunization and Tuberculosis Risk Assessment form.

Students In An Online Degree Program and Online Learners

Students in an online degree/major program or enrolled in ALL Online Courses will be exempt from the immunization requirement until they are no longer an online learner.  Students who are in an online degree/major program will automatically be exempted from the immunization requirements.  Students in a certificate program will not be automatically exempted.  Students who are not in an online degree/major program but are taking all online classes will need to send an email to requesting to be an online learner and for the immunizations holds to be moved to allow for registration.

Once a student enrolls in a class that physically meets on campus, he/she will be required to immediately provide proof of the required immunizations.  A hold will be placed on the student’s record which will prevent class schedule adjustments until the immunization requirement is met.